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Proxytunnel 1.9.0 released

Proxytunnel 1.9.0 has been released just after the Fosdem 2008 conference. There are quite a few fixes in this release, and the RELNOTES file contains some important info for upgraders.

Added 2008/03/03 by Maniac

What the ProxyTunnel users are saying about it

This page contains pieces of e-mails that proxytunnel users have sent us, and which describe how they feel about proxytunnel, or how they are using it in their possibly interesting situations.

Tomte writes:

Thank you very much for proxytunnel!
I have been using it to escape the compulsory imode limitations of my gsm carrier...
The last CVS version compiles with no trouble on macosx
The .ssh/config file example was very helpful too
thank you again

Adam ( writes:

I am using proxytunnel to dig my way out of a nasty university firewall and it has saved the day ...phew

Austin ( writes:

congratulations on a fantastic piece of software!

Paul ( writes:

I have been using proxytunnel for a year or two now and have found it great! Good work with the initial development.

Joerg ( writes:

currently sitting in an environment again where I need proxytunnel -- thanks for the tool, really great!