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Proxytunnel 1.9.0 released

Proxytunnel 1.9.0 has been released just after the Fosdem 2008 conference. There are quite a few fixes in this release, and the RELNOTES file contains some important info for upgraders.

Added 2008/03/03 by Maniac

2008/08/23 - Froscon Slides Available

The slides (pdf) that were presented at Froscon 2008 are available online

2008/03/04 - Proxytunnel 1.9.0 released

Proxytunnel 1.9.0 was released after the Fosdem conference. Grab the latest release on sourceforge. The windows binary has also been uploaded. There have been some user-visible changes, so please check the RELNOTES file.

2008/01/20 - Proxytunnel 1.8.0 released

Proxytunnel 1.8.0 was released after the 24C3 conference in Berlin. Grab the latest release on sourceforge.

2007/02/25 - Proxytunnel 1.7.0 released

Proxytunnel 1.7.0 was released during Fosdem 2007. Grab the latest release on sourceforge.

2006/08/11 - Switching to subversion

We're in the process of switching from CVS to subversion for our revision control. We've had a svn tree for a while now, but we're now moving development to that tree and abandoning the cvs tree. We'll update some webpages soon to point to the new trees and document how to use them.
For the time being, you can browse the svn-tree with viewvc

2006/06/14 - Proxytunnel 1.6.3 released

Version 1.6.3 of proxytunnel was released today. There were no major changes in this version, only minor bugfixes, cleanups and compile-fixes. Please visit sourceforge to download the newest release, which also includes a pgp/gpg signature this time to verify it's authenticity. It should be signed by Maniac, with key-id: 357D2178

2006/03/17 - Nominate Proxytunnel for the Community Choice Awards

Proxytunnel is one of the projects selected in the pre-nomination phase of the 2006 Community Choice Awards. Please take a moment to nominate us, and later, if we made the finals, vote for us ;)

To nominate us, go to the Community Choice Awardswebpage, and select 'proxytunel' in the 'networking' category.

We'll keep you updated here... Also, check out the proxytunnel 1.6.2-rc build (cygwin only) that fixes problems in stand-alone mode combined with NTLM authentication.

Update: We didn't make it to the last 13... but go and vote for the other candidates :)

2006/02/21 - Proxytunnel 1.6.0 released

Version 1.6.0 of proxytunnel is finished. The release-candidate was a success and we have finished testing it on the popular platforms. There were no major changes since the RC version, only minor cleanups and compile-fixes. Please visit sourceforge to download the newest release, which also includes a pgp/gpg signature this time to verify it's authenticity. It should be signed by Maniac, with key-id: 357D2178

2006/02/09 - New webpages

We have been working on a major overhaul of the proxytunnel webpages, and they are live now :) At least the navigation and style have changes significantly. Content changes are still under consideration, as this will cost more time :)

2006/02/07 - Proxytunnel 1.6.0-rc1

Version 1.6.0 of proxytunnel is finished. There have been lots of changes and new features, so we released a release candidate version first. Please try this version, and report any issues you have with it. Proxytunnel now depends on openssl for it's NTLM authentication (md4/md5) and SSL tunneling support, so make sure you have openssl 0.9.8 and it's header-files.

2005/08/15 - Proxytunnel 1.5.0 released

Version 1.5.0 of proxytunnel has arrived after a long, very long wait. This release includes NTLM proxy support. You can now also specify your proxy username and password using ENV variables, so they are no longer visible in process-lists. Everyone is recommended to upgrade.

2004/11/02 - Proxytunnel 1.2.3 released

Version 1.2.3 includes a security-fix as reported by the Gentoo security team. If you use proxytunnel you are advised to upgrade if you don't trust your proxy-host.

2004/10/12 - Proxytunnel 1.2.2 released

I really should update the news page when making new releases ;) We are already up to 1.2.2. This version has a security fix (Storing proxy username and password in env-vars) and some new makefiles (and the older ones cleaned up).

2002/11/20 - Proxytunnel 1.1.2 released

After a long and quiet period i've spent some more time updating the webpages, sourceforge project pages and source-code. You'll find a new 1.1.2 version on the download and project page and also the cvs-tree has been updated and cleaned up. Debian packages are available from or can be created using the scripts in the package.

2002/04/22 - Cygwin-version updated with stand-alone mode

After a long debugging session the stand-alone mode now also works on the cygwin platform (Any windows version after and including win95). The new proxytunnel.exe file is available on the download page. Sourcecode is available in CVS as usual.

2002/04/21 - Various binaries available for testing

You can find various binaries available for testing on the download page. These were made on the SourceForge compilefarm. They have not (all) been fully tested, but are expected to work. We currently know of an issue with the windows version. It doesn't yet work in standalone mode. We are looking in to this, but if you can provide any assistance we would be very glad, since we are both no win32/cygwin experts.

2002/04/20 - New version nearing completion

We've been working hard on improving ProxyTunnel even more, we have ported and tested proxytunnel on all systems available to us in the compile-farm (7 archs) and made the binaries available for download on the download page. Source tarballs have been updated to reflect these changes, as has the CVS tree.

This version (1.1 beta) includes support for running ProxyTunnel as a stand-alone application. This means that it binds itself to a local tcp-port awaiting connections. On receiving a connection, ProxyTunnel will establish a tunnel through the HTTP(S) proxy and begin tunneling.

This feature will make ProxyTunnel even more useful, and we're sure you can think up many new ways to use ProxyTunnel. Using this feature it's also possible to make use of ProxyTunnel from programs like putty and other SSH clients that do not yet support the ProxyCommand directive (like openSSH does).

2002/04/03 - Interesting Article at NLUUG E-Zine

Muppet has written an interesting article about the usage of Proxytunnel. It's been published on the NLUUG e-Zine (which apparently no longer exists, check out out local copy